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?This is your typical PLO/Hamas “stone throwing” attack. Every single day and night…hundreds of thousands of Israeli Jews and their children run the risk of being the unlucky ones, murdered for driving home. Murdered for the everlasting crime of being Jews.

This is LITERALLY all we got out of showing weakness to those who hate us:

✅?? firebomb attacks.

✅?? Knife attacks.

✅?? Shooting attacks.

✅?? Vehicle ramming attacks.

✅?? Bombings.

✅?? Rockets.

✅??Terror Tunnels.

✅??Mortar attacks.






✅??Daily call for the annihilation of Israel and the murder of Jews.

And what are we doing about it?? Lol. Not a damn thing!

❌??❌Deterrent? None.

❌??❌Leadership? None.

❌??❌Control? None.

Protect Yourself in Israel?

Try and protect yourself from it all? ❌??❗You lose one way or the other especially since terrorists have more rights than our own soldiers. Our police officers are spit on and attacked at will. Our children are open targets as “Allahu Akbar” is shouted while they are being murdered at bus stops.

This is the immediate result of our own inner division. It’s our ugly reflection when we sink to our fractured depths. And we fail each other again and again with our inner animosity based on everything we aren’t supposed to be as a Nation.

So, unfortunately, get used to Swastikas on your doors in North America and Europe. Get used to Muslim Arabs driving the streets of London and New York calling for the rape of our daughters and the beheading of our sons.

It won’t stop there, of course. We all know that… but it’s easier to hope it goes away than to actually take the steps needed to make sure that “Never Again” isn’t already in progress.

Sleeping Israel

We, the People of Israel, seem to have fallen asleep at the wheel, and we are supposed to be the guiding light by reflecting God’s Oneness through his Torah.

I truly apologize and am personally embarrassed and I promise to continue do what I can to make a difference in a small way. You can and must do the same. One small step, day after day. Be a leader, even if for only yourself and your family.

Our weakness is their greatest strength. Our National division is their way in.

We are all the same in a bomb shelter, we are all the same in a gas chamber, and we are all the same in our Synagogue and in our neighborhood. Brother and sister. ?? One. My blood is the same on the floor as yours.


What I do know without any fraction of a doubt, is that through this adversity we actually become stronger. It’s totally against nature. The more you try and destroy us, the greater our strength becomes. Out of the weakness and destruction, redemption and strength is born. It’s our unfortunate pattern. So hold the line and move forward together. Even if you feel alone, you aren’t. Joshua 1:9, memorize it and make wise decisions based on Torah truth.

Shema Israel

“Hear Oh Israel, The Lord our God, The Lord Is One.”

שְׁמַע יִשְׂרָאֵל, יְהֹוָה אֱלהֵינוּ, יְהֹוָה אֶחָד

It’s written all over our Nation. It’s been on our lips since Jacob’s deathbed while he was surrounded by his sons, the tribes and leaders of the future of Israel. The next links in our National chain. Through Unity/Oneness we achieve precisely what our mission is, based on over 4,000 years of glorious Torah and tradition, from Shabbat to Shabbat, year after year, from light to darkness to light. God tells us this quite clearly in Hebrew, in the Torah. It’s been our blueprint since Sinai and all we have to do is grasp onto it and work on ourselves all day every day. It’s so easy even a caveman can do it. ?

Making the right choices based on commands, not feelings, goes against what we know in our world. Once you begin to follow the commandments, without the fear of being imperfect and without the fear of failure, your feelings begin to follow suit. The light of Torah is impossibly bright. It’s the same light Moses saw. The same light Abraham saw. The same light David saw. You will be in good company with imperfect humans who worked throughout their lives to strengthen themselves and those around them. That is true “Tikkun Olam.”They all worked hard for it. They all made the first move and risked everything along the way.

Enemies of Israel

Our enemies force us to reflect on who we are and what we have become. David became a leader when he stepped forward to fight Goliath. His leadership and strength was based on his Truth in God. Nothing else. Abraham was only little Abram when he took the step to smash his family business to bits by destroying his dad’s Idol showroom. He made a hard decision, and took action. Moses was Egyptian royalty yet he went out amongst his brethren, the slaves of Israel, to check on them, when he killed an Egyptian Task Master who was trying to kill a Jew. He made a hard decision, he made a choice, and he took action. They all made choices. Hard human choices. We also have hard human choices to make.

Our individual choices also impact our National cohesion. Who in the world gives us the right and the audacity to trade away our eternal inheritance, the Land of Israel, over to those who actively call for our destruction with their every breath? This, my friends, has become the very definition of insanity and National suicide. It leads to darkness after darkness. It breeds chaos and weakness. Don’t believe me? That’s OK. Some of you may just not know what’s actually going on because you have been fed Goebbles like propaganda for decades.

The Truth

But you don’t have to believe me. I prefer showing you the truth instead of asking you to believe. Join me. Let’s just peacefully go for a walk to Hebron, right now at 01:45am, south down route 60 from Bethlehem, and let’s see the welcome wagon of terror and murder by our “Peace Partners” of the PLO and Hamas. Just a couple of Jews, in Judea, going for a walk to the burial tomb of our fathers and mothers. Peaceful and simple, right? Or are we Jews violating some form of Nazi like “international law” in our own Land for the crime of living and thriving? Did we cross the line when we woke up this morning? Or are Jews not allowed to live amongst Arabs? Are you racist or stupid or simply filled with the fire of hatred or ignorance? All of the above?

Well here is a quick and easy lesson:??? Jew is from the name “Yehudah.”?? “Yahud” (What the Arabs call us.)Yehuda = the very ground I live on today that holds the name of יהודה/Judah, the leader of the 12 tribes of Israel, the very ground that has been called that for thousands of years. Now it’s your turn.

Stay Strong

Here is the hard part: Just Stay Strong. ⚔??⚔Stay strong because its written in the “Shema Yisrael” prayer clearly that when we see the rain falling and the grape vines thriving, when we see the grain of the land growing, we are OK.

And guess what??✅?? The trees of Judah and Samaria are blooming. ✅?? The fruits are magnificent. ✅?? The children are singing and dancing in the Hills once again. ✅?? The Hills are flowing with wine and date honey. ✅?? Nations all over the world are clinging to Israel. But, we are so close!! Don’t be the weak link. Not at this point especially after all we we have seen and witnessed. A thousand generations of souls are pushing you on. Its forbidden to give up! אסור להתייאש!

God bless us all to open our eyes to what has been in us since the beginning. Just take the first step and don’t stop walking that path. Make the choice to be the strongest link in the dynasty you represent. Be the strongest link to the future that only you have the power to deny and destroy or build and strengthen. It’s all up to you. Make the choice and don’t look back or you just may turn to salt.

I truly welcome your thoughts and I always value and desire your friendship, Unity and steadfast support. I also get turned on by your adversity because it builds me and drives me to be a defender of Israel since my earliest days. ⚔??⚔Am Yisrael Chai ??⚔?? #ShalomShalom #israel_best #iloveisrael #truth #stone #Pallywood #StopTheLies

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