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Thousands of Lives Saved with Our Life-Saving Equipment and Trauma Kits!

Your contribution saves lives and supports our IDF heroes. Every dollar helps provide essential equipment, ensuring they’re well-prepared to protect our nation. Join us in this crucial mission to stand by our heroes and make a lasting impact.

We want to say thank you very much to Unity Warriors that sent us the VERY SPECIAL and Quality Equipment. It helps us in our work here and we know that Unity Warriors is not like the others and they really know exactly what they're doing. They understand the situation and they give us the best quality equipment. We want to say thank you for that! We're going to win this war of course with all of your help!
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How You Can Help

All contributions are 501(c)3 Tax Deductible

General Donation

Give Towards Protective Gear
Any Amount
  • Ballistic eyeglasses
  • Mechanix Tactical Gloves
  • Robokop Tactical Knee Pads
  • CamelBak Hydration Packs
  • Soft Shell Winter Jackets
  • Thermal Underwear (Shirts and Pants)
  • Thermal Face Masks
  • Socks
  • Hot Packs

Trauma Kits

Life Saving Medical Kits
$ 300
  • 2 CAT Gen7 Tourniquets
  • 4" Trauma Wound Dressings
  • Hemorrhage Control bandages
  • 6" Israeli Emergency bandages
  • Sterile Wound Dressings
  • Chest Seal Bandages
  • Celox Z-Fold Gauze
  • Infection Protection Ointment
  • Leatherman Raptor Trauma Shears
  • Hand Delivered to Combat Medics

Together we will defeat evil


Memphis Office:
5100 Poplar Ave.,
Ste. 720,
Memphis, TN 38137

West Coast Office: (For sending donation checks)
4591 Sandburg way,
Irvine, CA 92612
United States

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We protect the Land of Israel and the people of Israel through our life-saving security and safety, ecological, and social welfare projects and initiatives.

Unity Warriors Inc has a global team of dedicated volunteers (Guardians of Israel) who work tirelessly to ensure the advancements of the organization’s missions for Israel.

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Gear List

Surgical supplies for an IDF field hospital on the gaza border:

  • 5 intubation kits
  • 5 cricothyrotomy kits
  • 4 chest drains
  • 40 combat gauze
  • 15 thoracic trocar needles
  • 5 chemical capnograph kits
  • 20 x 500cc Hartmanns
  • 50 syringes
  • 5 x gloves
  • 50 x green cannulas
  • 10 x paramedics (button) scissors
  • 5 or more dried plasma
  • 15 adult airways (oropharyngeal airway – red and yellow)
  • 10 finger saturation probes
  • 10 or more surgicel (hemostat)

Protective gear:

  • Ballistic eyeglasses for protection against shrapnel
  • Mechanix tactical gloves
  • Robokop tactical knee pads
  • CamelBak hydration packs

Winter gear:

  • Soft shell winter jackets
  • Thermal underwear shirts and pants
  • Thermal face masks and neck warmers
  • Socks
  • Hot packs


Donate a lifesaving medical kit for our IDF heroes TODAY!

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