IDF PTSD Therapeutic Garden

Campaign Goal - $25,000

PTSD Garden Project
PTSD Garden Planting

Building the PTSD Therapeutic Garden for our IDF Heroes

Caring for our IDF veterans is a vital, life saving mission we can now all take part in together. 

Rosh Hashanah is approaching and we have an important goal to achieve within the next week:

Introducing the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) therapeutic garden, located in the Gush Etzion community of Efrat. This beautiful initiative was recently established by local volunteers to embrace veteran IDF soldiers and terror attack victims who struggle with severe PTSD every day and night. 

The PTSD therapeutic garden is run and operated entirely by volunteers from the community of Efrat with guidance from the ‘Hosen Center’, which provides professional emotional support for people who have experienced traumatic events. We meet weekly to cultivate the garden and run special, interesting programs for the IDF veterans to look forward to. 

The PTSD therapeutic garden consists of three operational pillars:

Hands-on Activity:

One of the main problems for IDF soldiers and victims of terror who suffer from PTSD is their inability to function due to their feeling of uselessness. The therapeutic garden helps these heroes overcome this obstacle as it allows them to plant trees, install irrigation lines, build pathways, and more. This productive activity rehabilitates their sense of worthlessness and gives these heroes a sense of purpose.

Community Integration

The therapeutic garden provides a true sense of community and belongingness, and replaces the feeling of loneliness with a true sense of security and support for these heroes.

Emotional Rehabilitation:

Working the land of Israel and creating beauty all around us generates emotional feedback from both mother nature and our homeland, which brings positive emotional progress to the life of our brothers and sisters who need this embrace more than ever.  

Unity Warriors is proud to have partnered with the local volunteers of Efrat who run the therapeutic garden and together, with your help, we will build and develop a magnificent therapeutic oasis, one that these heroes deserve and that will cater to all of their needs.

Phase 1 of this project is dedicated to cultivating, enhancing and growing the PTSD therapeutic garden with more fruit tree planting, creating and building wooden decks, benches, fire pits and BBQ grills all around the garden, immediately and directly improving the wellbeing of our heroes.

  • A beautiful 20ftx16ft hand-crafted wooden pergola/canopy with a wooden deck, overlooking the breathtaking view of the Judean Hills and Jerusalem, will be built by local Judean craftsmen and will be used for yoga, meditation and other therapeutic activities. 
  • Custom made seating areas and wood swinging benches will be built by local Judean woodworkers and will be placed throughout the therapeutic garden for our heroes to enjoy.
  • Fire pits and BBQ grilling areas will add to the atmosphere and provide an environment of relaxation and peace. 
  • All dedicated decks, benches and BBQ areas will have personalized, hand carved wood signs with your family name and a dedication plaque.
  • Mature Judean fruit trees will be planted in and around the therapeutic garden.
  • Drip irrigation and fertilizing systems will be installed.

Cost of phase 1: $25,000

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