Unity Warriors works daily to portray Israel to the world in the light that Israel deserves to be seen in. This includes forging bonds of unity and education between Israel and the Nations and joining together globally to secure Israel’s future.

Unity Warriors campaigns focusing on youth at risk, education, safety and security, and providing for the general needs of IDF lone soldiers, (many of which are former Israeli youth at risk who still have only us to turn to)  is 501c3 tax deductible in the USA through our partnership with Machanyim, Inc.

Since 1989, Machanyim, Inc. has been providing for Israeli teens at risk and running educational and safety programs in Israel.

Founded in 2014 during the Gaza war (Operation Protective Edge), Unity Warriors is a direct, grassroots organization that is dedicated to securing the future of Israel, today! Since the summer of 2014, Unity Warriors has directly impacted over 50,000 IDF soldiers, medics, paramedics and civilian security personnel. As part of our safety initiatives, we have donated medical equipment that has been used to save the lives of IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians in Judea, Samaria and along the Gaza border. 

Unity Warriors proudly focuses on ensuring the safety and well-being for all the citizens of Israel regardless of religious belief, race, or ethnicity.

Through our educational programs and campaigns, Unity Warriors introduces the realities of Israel to people globally, connecting them to Israelis, the IDF heroes, and the land of Israel in ways they have never experienced before.

Become a Guardian of Israel By Supporting Unity Warriors

Unity Warriors Zionism


Ben Goldstein

Founder and Director of Unity Warriors Inc.

Ben is a world-renowned advocate for Israel. Ben has devoted his life to showing Israel through a realistic light, the light in which Israel deserves to be seen. A dynamic, passionate, and fierce protector of the Land of Israel and the Jewish Nation globally, Ben operates both on the ground by patrolling the hills of Judea to keep the Jewish communities safe from terrorism as well as protecting Israel on social media by illuminating the reality, truth and beauty of the Holy Land. Ben has connected thousands of people from all four corners of the world to Israel, through unity, over the last 8 years.

Shaun and Mikie Binyamin​

Directors of Operations at Unity Warriors Inc.​

Shaun and Mikie left the physical comforts of America with their 5 kids and came Home to Israel in 2019. Since returning Home, they have played a vital and active role with Unity Warriors in helping to redeem the land by planting over 1000 trees (and counting) in the Hills of Judea. Despite holding down full-time professional careers, this dynamic duo, with their boots on the ground and Zionism through action mentality, dedicate countless hours to the redemption, growth, and protection of the land of Israel.

Mitch Houston

Marketing/Creative Director at Unity Warriors Inc.​

Mitch Houston (pronounced like the street in NYC | HOUSE-ton) and his family currently live in the U.S., and are actively working to relocate to the land of PROMISE. Mitch and his wife were not raised in a Jewish home but were raised in American Christianity. After traveling the world as professional Christian musicians, they realized that their calling was not in the church and Hashem was leading them out of that establishment. They left an empire of success to follow that calling and it has led to them completely leaving Christianity and following the ONE TRUE God of Israel. Mitch recently found out that his ancestors were Jewish before converting to Christianity 4-5 generations ago.

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