Israel is the ONLY place where the Torah / Bible come to life!

There’s no better time than the present!

Bring Judea alive with passion and history while experiencing the physical magnificence and spiritual beauty of the hills of Judah .

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An unforgettable Six hour experience in the hills of judah

Judean Hills

The Judean Hills

Experience the Hills of Judah across from Bethlehem. 25 minutes south of Jerusalem.

Torah / Psalms

Learn Torah with Ben in the hills of King David!

Fields of Boaz

Experience the wheat fields of Boaz and Ruth overlooking Bethlehem!

Break Bread

Breakfast / Lunch in the Hills of Judah!

Path of the Patriarchs

Explore the Derech HaAvot with Ben on an unforgettable tour of the Path of the Patriarchs!

Roots of Redemption Icon

Fruit Trees

Plant your own beautiful fruit tree in the land of Israel!

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Unity Warriors Experience with Ben Goldstein


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Much love from Israel.

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