Securing Kibbutz Migdal Oz - PRIORITY!

Israel is at WAR!
"Never Again" is now! Please help us prevent the next attacks against our families.

Situated in the strategic Judea Hills, the Migdal Oz “kitat konenut” (civilian rapid response counter terror unit) serves as the primary defense against Hamas terrorist infiltrations and frequent attacks targeting our kibbutz. This includes safeguarding over 1,000 female overseas students who study and reside in our dormitories.

Our responders are the brave heroes of Israel—each one an IDF combat veteran. They stand ready 24/7, prepared to leap into action to protect our community. Migdal Oz is among the hardest hit in all of Judea and Samaria, constantly vigilant against the ongoing assault from local Hamas factions.

Since the onset of the current war in Gaza, our security team has tirelessly patrolled and guarded our community, ready to confront any threat to ensure the safety of both families and students. Danger lurks mere 300 meters away in a hostile, Hamas village.

To maintain their effectiveness, our security team requires the best possible equipment—from advanced night thermal imaging sights to comprehensive first-aid kits and protective body armor. Remarkably, they receive no government assistance.

We invite you to partner with us in protecting our families and community. We also welcome you to meet our courageous team in person on your next visit to Israel.

They patrol relentlessly, ready to sprint towards danger at a moment’s notice to safeguard our community.

Security and Safety Equipment List

  1. Level 4 Armor Plate Set (Front and Rear) + Plate Carrier x35 sets: ($1200 each) $42,000

  2. Level 3 Side Armor Panels x35 sets: ($500 per set) $17,500

  3. Level 3 Armor ‘Aramid’ Full Cut Helmet x35: ($715 each) $25,100

  4. Fully Stocked Doctor Medical Trauma Bag with Defibrillator x1: $3,600

  5. Digital Communication Radios (Motorola) x20: ($600 each) $12,000

  6. Thermal Drone Kit x1: $12,000

  7. Thermal Imaging Monocular x2: ($5,000 each) $10,000

  8. Binoculars x4: ($375 each) $1,500

  9. Hydraulic Breaching Kit x1: $10,000

  10. Industrial Generator x1: $5,000

  11. Ballistic Eye Protection/Glasses x35: ($150 each) 5,250

  12. Uniforms x35: ($172 each set) $6,200

  13. Protective Gloves x35: ($66 each pair) $2,400

  14. Knee Protection x35: ($58 per set) $2,200

  15. Tactical Boots x35: ($430 each pair) $15,100

The effectiveness of the Migdal Oz Rapid Response Team is heavily dependent on the quality of their equipment. Equipped with advanced technology like hi-tech night vision glasses and comprehensive emergency first-aid kits, our team can operate with precision and efficiency during critical moments. This high-standard gear is indispensable for them to perform their duties effectively and ensure the utmost safety of our community.

We invite you to join us in this noble cause. By partnering with us, you help provide the essential tools our brave defenders need. Your support will fortify our efforts to protect our families and maintain the tranquility of our community. Together, we can make a lasting impact. Please consider making a donation today.

  • $204.00 Raised
    of $170,000.00

501c3 Tax Deductible

Thank you for your support. If you would like to mail a check, please send your donation to:


Unity Warriors Inc.

C/O Migdal Oz Security Team

5100 Poplar Ave.

STE 720

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