Life Saving Medical Kit

What’s Inside the Unity Warriors Life Saving Trauma Kit?

  • 1 x Durable ‘IFAK’ Trauma Kit Bag: A sturdy, fast access zip carrier for all the medical supplies. Designed to attach to soldiers’ vests.
  • 2 x C.A.T Tourniquet: A life-saving device used to stop excessive bleeding by compressing the blood vessel.
  • 3x Celox Hemostatic Combat Gauze: A specially designed ‘Z Folded’ gauze meant to pack severely bleeding wounds, infused with a special set of components that help to quickly coagulate bleeding.
  • 2 x Emergency ‘Israeli Bandage’ (4in): Specially invented and designed in Israel to halt bleeding swiftly and cover wounds securely using a pressure type closure system.
  • 1 x ‘Leatherman Raptor’ Folding Trauma Shears: The absolute best pair of trauma shears to cut through military clothing and other materials during emergencies to stop bleeding quickly.
  • 1 x Medical Tape (1in): Reliable for securing bandages and dressings in place, ensuring wounds stay protected.
  • 4 x Compressed Gauze (4in x 5yds): Sterile gauze for cleaning and covering wounds, preventing infection.
  • 1 x Pulse Oximeter: For quickly and accurately measuring pulse rate
  • 1 x Marker: For labeling the time on Tourniquet when placed on wound.
  • 2x Emergency Blanket: An aluminum film blanket used to treat shock by retaining body warmth and preventing heat loss.
  • 2x Surgical Gloves: To maintain wound sterility and allow for more hand grip in a blood loss situation when applying the stop the bleeding emergency supplies.

1 Trauma Kit is for 1 IDF soldier, how many IDF soldiers would you like to protect?

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