Pizza for the idf

Delicious Pizza delivered directly to Soldiers!

Pizza Options

Pizza for IDF Heroes


Feeds 5 IDF Heroes
Includes 2 large pizzas, and 2 bottles of cold drinks
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Pizza for an IDF Platoon


Feeds 30 IDF Heroes
Includes 10 large pizzas, 8 bottles of cold drinks and Ice Cream for dessert.
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Pizza for an IDF Company


Feeds 100 IDF Heroes
Includes 25 pizzas, 20 bottles of cold beverages and Ice Cream for dessert.
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Weekly Pizza Deliveries

Show your love for all of our sons and daughters protecting the Land of Israel by sponsoring a pizza party for their unit. 

  • Delicious pizza will be delivered directly to active duty IDF soldiers on your behalf. 
  • You can even send them a personalized message that they will see and read!


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