Agricultural Merkava Project

Merkava means "Chariot"

Campaign Goal - $50,000

Unity Warriors Excavator Project

Secure and Beautify the Land

The head of the Land Authorities here in Gush Etzion has granted Unity Warriors 27 dunam, which is a little over 6.5 acres of State Land in Judea to plant on. 

This area is under the Israel Antiques Authority because there is an ancient synagogue, ancient water reservoirs and wine pressers, and a mikva that have been discovered and in the future will be excavated. 

We feel very blessed and honored and are excited because we now have the green light to plant thousands of trees on State Land that literally has our history above and below the ground waiting to be excavated.

That being said, it is physically impossible for us to redeem 27 dunam of land manually with our pick axes and shovels. So we have launched a campaign to invest in a mini excavator which will be a game changer. This machine will allow us to dig a large amount of holes in a short amount of time, build terraces, dig trenches, lay irrigation lines, build pathways, and much more.

The excavator with all the parts: auger, breaker, tooth bucket, and other attachment parts costs $50,000. 

Unity Warriors Excavator Project

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