Gear List

All donations go towards purchasing the items from this list that are highest priority at the time for our heroes. We are getting hundreds of requests regularly for the items on this list. 

Surgical supplies for an IDF field hospital on the gaza border:

  • 5 intubation kits
  • 5 cricothyrotomy kits
  • 4 chest drains
  • 40 combat gauze
  • 15 thoracic trocar needles
  • 5 chemical capnograph kits
  • 20 x 500cc Hartmanns
  • 50 syringes
  • 5 x gloves
  • 50 x green cannulas
  • 10 x paramedics (button) scissors
  • 5 or more dried plasma
  • 15 adult airways (oropharyngeal airway – red and yellow)
  • 10 finger saturation probes
  • 10 or more surgicel (hemostat)

Protective gear:

  • Ballistic eyeglasses for protection against shrapnel
  • Mechanix tactical gloves
  • Robokop tactical knee pads
  • CamelBak hydration packs

Winter gear:

  • Soft shell winter jackets
  • Thermal underwear shirts and pants
  • Thermal face masks and neck warmers
  • Socks
  • Hot packs


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