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Most frequent questions and answers

Unity Warriors


Most frequent questions and answers

Due to a heavy, top down defense budget, the better equipment doesn’t always trickle down to the combat soldiers and medics in the field. Iron Dome tech, laser systems, F35 Aircraft, Tanks…all of these systems squeeze the majority of funding out of the defense budget for equipment. The regular combat troops on the ground receive quality gear in several areas, but in many vital areas they are sorely lacking. These areas include upgraded ballistic helmets and for many IDF officers this includes replacing worn out Vests for them that they cannot get replaced via the IDF. This also includes items like:

  • Upgraded flashlights
  • Upgraded knee pads
  • Winter gear
  • Trauma gear for medics 
  • Communication radios for security teams in Judea
  • Searchlights for IDF trackers
  • Specialized gear for special units

When you see how many dozens of videos directly from the field showing soldiers, paramedics and civilian security team members thanking us for their new gear and equipment, you realize Unity Warriors is as open and clear as possible. For those who choose to donate on a recurring monthly basis, we will even have private and personalized videos from the defenders and life savers of Israel emailed directly to you and our soldiers will contact you live on Whatsapp or Zoom. Clarity is key in trust and I like to fully communicate through visual media exactly where your support is going, every week! Also, for subscribers to Unity Warriors, when you are in Israel you will meet these heroes personally, face to face with me. It doesn’t get any better!

This is EXACTLY what Unity Funding is all about! Only TOGETHER can we all truly take part in this important mission to support the defenders and life savers of Israel. No matter your level of funding and support, we are all in this together as ONE and your support will be pooled with others to maximize our strength and potential.

Every day Ben Goldstein receives messages on his phone from the defenders and life savers of Israel, requesting all types of gear and equipment that they would never receive via any other channels.They know to contact Ben Goldstein because they know, based on his reputation, that they can rely on him and us, to be there for them with what they need, when they need it. To be able to directly support thousands of defenders and life savers of Israel is an honor.

The answer is that most of the soldiers and paramedics cannot afford this level of high quality gear. This is where our collective support comes into action! Unity Funding, by Unity Warriors! Our heroes of Israel should only be focused on their missions. Its our honor and duty to take care of them with the most direct support we can give.

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